TV Wall Mounting for Your Home

A TV wall mounting offers the perfect answer to the problem of where to put your stunning flat screen TV.

The sheer size and visual impact of a modern flat screen TV – complete with ultra-high definition visuals – is the reason why it forms the centrepiece of so many home entertainment systems, but it also means that finding the right spot can be incredibly difficult.

TV wall mount installation solves the problem instantly, lifting your screen away from cluttered surfaces and putting it in pride of place on the wall of your choice. Given the value of a flat screen TV, not to mention the weight, mounting a TV on a wall is not the kind of thing that should really be attempted unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

The good news is that our TV wall mounting service solves all the problems. We’ve got extensive know-how of the technology involved in the flat screen TVs themselves, and we combine that with hands on experience of working to mount them in people’s homes to deliver a complete service.

The benefits of TV wall mounting are numerous:

It clears space on the floor or other surfaces that would otherwise be taken up by your TV
It creates a striking focal point for the room
It enhances the viewing experience for everyone in the room
It enables unsightly cables and leads to be hidden away

We offer a complete TV wall mount installation service, from providing a quote for the service to cleaning up afterwards and leaving nothing more than a TV that looks stunning in its place on a wall. When we mount a TV on a wall we have to take account of the following factors:

The Type of Wall the TV will be Mounted On

The wall you chose to have your TV wall mounting place on could be solid brick, concrete or even a hollow wall, which means a panel has been put in place leaving a gap between the actual wall and the exterior surface. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll decide on a form of fixing which will be strong enough to take the weight of the TV and completely safe for years to come.

The Type of Fixing

We’ll work with you to decide which type of fixing would be best for you TV wall mount installation. It could be a bracket which holds it flat to the wall and static, or one which protrudes to a degree and offers movement. We’ll combine our experience with your preference to come up with the best solution.

Hiding the Wires

One of the chief advantages of a TV wall mounting is the absence of unsightly wires trailing everywhere. We can hide cables and wires within the fabric of the wall itself, or construct trunking to keep them out of sight – as ever, the choice is yours.

A Complete Solution

If you need a new power socket, extra cables for your home sound system of more access to HDMI cables, we can make it happen. I simple terms, we can do whatever it takes to create the custom TV wall mounting that works perfectly with your living space and lifestyle.

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