What is Smart Home Lighting?

Smart Home Lighting? For want of a better definition – the right light at the right time in the right place. Contextually appropriate light. Light that soothes, that stirs, light that illuminates, that comforts. Playful light. Restful light. When more often than not we get the light we’re given how good would it be to choose different lights for different times, for different moods? Always the right light.

And always available at the simple touch of a button or less than that even, a preset timer.

How does Smart Home Lighting work?

Simply sync your light to the time of day or to the rhythms of your life. Greet sunset with light and greet visitors with light too. A nighttime visit to the bathroom illuminated by subtle glows to avoid disturbing others. You can even replay your typical lighting patterns when you’re away from home.

Intelligent lighting control means that as you enter a room, you lighting turns on automatically, dynamically accounting for existing light levels with subtly different lighting moods. Lighting that delivers exactly the right atmosphere whatever the occasion. Careful combinations of main lights, lamps, using colour changing lighting combine to create your own unique lighting qualities – changing the feel, the ambiance, the spirit of a room in an instant.

Flick a switch, touch control on an app/controller or voice control your Smart Home Lighting.

What is the quality of Smart Home Lighting?

Smart Home Lighting is a mature technology these days. An integral part of any modern home’s automation – a fourth dimension in architectural thinking. Smart, sophisticated, beautifully designed home lighting is now a standard design component.

Less a question of whether the technology or the quality of modern home lighting systems have the ability to deliver – more a question of how that quality can best impact on the quality of your life.

Dimmable, energy saving, gently waking lights, fade in fade out lighting, automatic brightness and mixed mood lighting. Lighting thats add a whole new level of comfort, control and convenience to you and your family.

Is Smart Home Lighting right for me?

Of course fitting your home with smart home lighting makes perfect sense! Especially if you value the different moods, subtly adjusting ambiances, the peace of mind, the security, the convenience and the energy saving benefits.

There are deep psychological upsides of the right lighting too. Calm, comfort and well being all proven to benefit from the carefully designed shades, tones and hues of smart home lighting systems.

Of course that’s assuming your Smart Home Lighting system is designed and fitted well – the full impact of your system relying on careful design and professional installation.

So look about, take advice and get hands on. Ideally you will be able to enjoy a demonstration of an installed system – be it instore or onsite. A chance to experience the range of options, picture how a system might work in your home and to gather all the important information first hand.

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