What is ‘Home Automation’ and what can it do for you?

Home Automation is the future. Imagine arriving home and controlling your entertainment, security, heating, lighting and more from one remote. Kino AV makes this possible.

Gone are the days of having wires take over your home and spending countless minutes every night ensuring your home is fully secure, lights are off and all blinds closed. Home Automation has the ability to bring all your technology together so you can experience the ultimate hi-tech lifestyle!

Kino AV creates a personalised smart home that flows with your lifestyle. With one touch of a button, you have control over all technology in your home. You are able to access your system from anywhere, so you no longer need to worry about returning to a cold, quiet and dark home – just switch the heating, music and lights on before you arrive home!

Whether you want one room, or your whole home turned into a reliable, tech-savy and enjoyable place to live – Kino AV have the solutions to make this happen.

home automation manchester

Control at your fingertips – Elan G

Bring all the latest technology together at the tip of your fingers. Your home automation system can be personalised to your needs and adapt to the way you live. It is intuitive and extremely responsive in order to make your life just that little bit easier!

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to adjust the heating, lighting, check up on the kids, control your entertainment system and much more!



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