Having a safe and secure home not only puts your mind at ease, but installing a top level security alarm system will deter any unwanted visitors. Each night you can go to bed knowing that no surprises will greet you when you wake up as your home will look the same.


By installing smart CCTV, you are able to keep eyes on your property all day and all night. Extremely precise alerts will be sent to your smartphone when activity is detected, which you can then view on your chosen device.

The technology is extremely advanced – cars, people and even animals can be detected. You are in complete control of your home and when anybody enters a certain zone near your home, you will be alerted.


When something just isn’t quite right, you will be instantly notified. Not only will the alarm be activated, you will receive a notification, no matter how far away you are. All you have to do is connect the security system to your smartphone.

Access Control Systems

An access control system allows you to see who is at your front door or gate and talk to them from anywhere in your home. A video link will be sent to your phone and you are able to decide whether or not you wish to remotely open your gates or door for them.

Feel Secure

Texecom, Paxton, Videx and Hikvison are brands that we feel take security to another level. All have a reputation for ease of use and reliability which is why many choose to secure their home and businesses with these products. For added peace of mind that you are choosing a security system that best suits your needs, Kino AV are here to talk through all systems to ensure you have a security system perfect for your home.

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