What is Multi Room Video?

Multi Room Video’s great! It allows you to share high definition content, be it the latest 4K Tarantino mindbender or a classic Led Zeppelin album streamed high res and high volume, all across your home.

From the contents of your movie library, to streaming video to satellite channels, Multiroom Video lets you broadcast in every room. Simultaneously.

That’s right. One home. Loads of different TVs. All at the same time.

No set-top boxes or multiple video sources. No clumsy wires and cables. All your AV kit stored discreetly. All your entertainment everywhere. All at the touch of a single remote.

Minimum clutter. Maximum fun. Something for everyone.

How does Multi Room Video work?

At the heart of any Multi Room Video system is the controller. It’s your controller that bosses every aspect of your automation – from sound and vision, to security, to lighting to opening and closing the garage door.

A carefully integrated combination of controller, amplifiers, matrix switches (which control each individual zone’s audio or video), speakers and interfaces in the shape of touch screens and keypads work together to deliver your complete Multi Room Video experience.

The result? A spectacular home entertainment experience.


An unlimited range of 4K quality video and audio piped room to room.

Entertainment heaven.

What is the quality of Multi Room Video?

These days it’s less about the quality of technology – there’s a ton of great tech out there – it’s more about quality of life.

And with all video sources accessible and controllable from any room, on any app enabled device – a phone, tablet or even a remote control – life’s good.

After all, what about being able to start a programme in one room then continue watching in another? Take that last ten minutes of Louis Theroux to bed if you want. Pause. Retire, Restart.

Now that’s smart TV.

Smart TV ideally deployed by a smart Multi Room Video team.

Is Multi Room Video right for me?

If your have a bunch of TVs and audio devices spread across your home then why not bring them all under a single Multi Room Video system?

You’ve got you feet up watching the footie on Sky+ HD in your room; at the same time a storm is being cooked up in the kitchen to Masterchef. Rock star eldest is air guitaring to Apple TV in his room while the twins are laughing along a kids show with their mates in the home cinema. Everyone happy – all at the same time. Result.

If that sounds like the kind of blissful and harmonious coexistence that your home could benefit from… do get in touch.

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