Everybody has a different idea as to what makes a perfect home or business, which is why Kino AV take time to understand your ideas and vision. Whether you want to create a tech savvy home or make your business stand out from competitors, Kino AV have the answers. Home and Business Automation is the future and best of all, it could be yours. Take a look through our real life case studies, you may find the inspiration you need to rejuvenate your home or business. Your future may just be round the corner.


In order to make a sports pub special, unique and an exciting place to be, technology has to be at its best. Managing different TV’s in a busy pub can be challenging, which is why we used an 8x8 HDBaseT Matrix and a 4-zone amplifier that had access to multiple sources. Combining these features this with seven 50 inch LG 4K TV’s that had access to two sky boxes, two power amplifiers, a media server and a four channel cloud mixer makes this pub stand out from the crowd!


In today’s busy modern world, for most working professionals coming home is the highlight of their day, but only if their apartment welcomes them home. We were approached to design and install an automated home cinema, smart lighting and an intelligent heating system within a Manchester based apartment. Four weeks later, the apartment oozed character and thanks to an Elan control system with one touch, they were able to access lighting, heating, Sky Plus, DVD and an integrated hard drive. This home automation system has turned this apartment into a home that many would find irresistible to leave.


For a business to keep up to date, enhance productivity in the workplace and impress potential customers, using smart technology is a must. In just two days, Kino AV were able to supply and install the Manchester based office with a 2-zone background music and PA system, with multiple zones; it was important to have independent volume controls. Along with a Cloud 2 channel amplifier, Kino AV installed 8 x 100v wall mounted speakers, 1 x Mic input and a DAB/ FM Tuner. The office has now been transformed into a working environment that their competitors can only dream of.

Ceramic Tile Showroom

The Ceramic Tile Showroom in Manchester needed a 4-zone audio system supplied and installed. Seven days later, the showroom not only looked spectacular, but the use of smart technology in this commercial project made the space inviting and engaging to customers. Each zone can now be controlled by independent volume controls. It also allows a variety of music to be played in different areas, meaning staff can create a specific ambiance for various product ranges. By using 14 x in-ceiling speakers and 4 x Sonos connect amplifiers, the sound quality is flawless and the experience is unmatched.


The aim of this project was to create the ultimate smart home. For their security needs, Kino AV focused on installing a smart home burglar alarm, CCTV and front gates with intercom access. Once the house was secure, our aim was to make the space inviting and interactive. With five HDTV’s, they needed a distribution Communications Cabinet and an Elan Control System that allowed them to control all apps on one remote. The final touch was installing a 4-zone music system, including an external zone for outdoor entertaining. The result was a house made for the future.