What are Access Control Systems?

Access Control Systems  give you all you need to manage and monitor exactly who’s coming in, who’s going out, and when.

Would it help to know that your young daughter had got home from school OK? Or that your teenage son had made it in after a night out with his mates? Or maybe that grandma had been up and about during the day.

Maybe you have trades people, cleaners or gardeners who need access to your home and you don’t want to go to the risk and expense of handing out keys – keys that be lost or stolen, keys that can be copied. Maybe you want to know exactly when they come. Exactly when they leave.

Genuine control and genuine peace of mind.

How do Access Control Systems work?

There’s nothing new about Access Control. There are though, with the rapid evolution of Home Automation technology many new ways that it can help you fine tune the nature of access to your home or property.

There are a whole number of ways that you can apply Access Control.

Access based on:

Something the user knows: PIN or password
Something the user has: a key, a key fob or a smart card smart card
Something the user is: a fingerprint perhaps or even an iris or retina scan, facial recognition too
Granted permission: web enabled two way intercom, means you can see who is requesting access. Clear live images and high quality sound make it easy to assess access

Access that configures different permissions for different people. Permissions for access to places or permissions based on time of day. Smart Access Control that you can manage from your mobile phone.

What is the quality of an Access Control System?

Permissions too that once given access your integrated automation system can enact a whole series of automated actions.

Enjoy the lights flickering into life as you enter the hallway. Off when you leave. The edge of the evening chill warmed away. A mild circulation of fresh cool air to relieve a sultry bedroom. Music for mood. Blinds drawn for effect. You name it. Connected living in action. Home automation at its most effective all triggered on access.

Is an Access Control System right for me?

If you want to make the most of the many benefits of home automation then what better place to start than with your access control?

Peace of mind, convenience, comfort and ultimate control.

With almost endless options, the trick is knowing where best to begin.

At the beginning is our advice. With the best advice.

Advice from Access Control System and Home Automation specialists.

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