Controlling your lighting, blinds and heating allows your home to respond automatically to the way you live. Using a single touch, you can create light, darkness, open/close blinds and even control the temperature in different rooms. This smart and modern technology not only increases your energy efficiency but it can even fool people into believing your home is occupied while you are away.

Automate your Lighting & Blinds

With one touch, you can control all lighting in your home. You are able switch your lights on, off or turn them down depending on your preference. You can even control your lights to turn on when you wake up, create ambiance with custom light scenes, or to turn on when you return home so you are greeted with light rather than darkness!

Instead of spending time before you go to bed closing all your blinds, or moving seats to avoid the sun glistening on your TV, you can stay where you are and use your remote control to close the blinds. Suddenly a tedious task of making sure all windows are covered becomes simple and timesaving.


Imagine walking into a warm and cosy house after you have been out all day. Kino AV help make this happen.

Using the latest technology, Kino AV make sure you are able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature by controlling the heating throughout your entire home. You can increase or decrease the heat in each room depending on which rooms are in use, this not only ensures you are energy efficient, but you will notice a decrease in your heating bill!

Rako and Lutron

Rakos sophisticated take on wireless lightning ensures your home is filled with light (or darkness) without jeopardising your productivity. Lutron also recognise how important energy efficiency is to everyday life, which is why they design light control systems that do not sacrifice your convenience.

Even though we recommend Rako and Lutron as they are known and respected throughout the industry, Kino AV are able to install other respected brands if you prefer.

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