What is Smart Heating Control?

Did you know that heating and hot water will typically account for 80 per cent of your domestic energy bills?

Which is what make smarting heating control such a great idea. Smart Heating Control that not only enables you to manage when your home heating switches on and off and to set a home wide temperature control, it can even allow you to manage the heat of individual rooms.

Like other aspects of home automation it’s control that you can exert remotely, through an app for example or as part of a programmed set of Smart Heating behaviours or smart hearing management based on sensors, hardware and algorithms. Up-to-the-minute wifi enabled weather information even.

Smart Heating control that can also, using motion sensors, work out when people are home and heat rooms automatically and individually. If no-one is home? Then your system can be set to save you cash by turning your heating off.

How does Smart Heating Control work?

Most modern heating systems will be installed with a thermostat and programmer. Radiators will also likely be fitted with Thermostatic Radiator Valves, TRVs, to add another level of heating control.

Smart heating controls using electronic TRVs can be controlled remotely from a central thermostat giving you control of the temperature of individual rooms.

Both EvoHome and the Heat Genius systems have app/control panel enabled remote controlled TRVs.

What is the quality of Smart Heating Control?

There are a number of excellent Smart thermostats that let you remotely control your home’s temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop – TADO, Heat Genius and PassivLiving, Hive, Google’s NEST and Honeywell’s EvoHome to name just a few.

Best talk with a Smart Home specialist to get the lowdown on each.

Ask them too about Geo fencing. A relatively new technology Geo fencing tracks exacyly where you are as you approach or leave home will turn your heating on or off accordingly.

Is Smart Heating Control right for me?

Still relatively new to the scene as technology matures functionality is bound to increase as price drops – such are the mass market benefits of mass market adoption.

That said early adopters are also early beneficiaries of the heating bill savings so readily available so if you like saving on energy costs and who doesn’t? Then you’ll love Smart Heating Control. With Typical savings of 20% a year, equivalent to an average £250, not only do you get to enjoy added heating comfort and control you get to save yourself a pretty penny in the process.

Time to take control of your heating? Looking to integrate Smart Heating Control into your smart home. Then be sure to take our best advice for the very best ways to do it.

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