Audio Visual Installation

We sell a large range of products from TV’s and speakers, to projectors and hidden screens. Audio visual installation comes in a variety of forms, from TV’s call be wall mounted, some speakers can be worked in to your ceiling and projectors often need a bracket. All of these jobs are something we would advise you to get professionally done when ever possible.

We offer an installation service for all our products and we can even work with you with items that you already own. We will happily advise you on the best way to secure your devices and can arrange a meeting where one of our team can come round and take a look at what is best for your needs.

Audio Visual Installation and TV Wall Mounting:

Our most common audio visual installation is TV wall mounting and we offer a wide range of packages for every budget. Our basic “home” package is a wall mounted bracket where wires are secured using cables and clip ties. The step above this is our “standard” wall mounting which uses a D-line trunk to contain your wires in a plastic casing down your wall. Finally our “Premium” service conceals the cables in the wall, we then give the wall a plaster smooth finish ready for painting or wall papering. A great option for new builds and renovations.

Professional audio visual installation guarantees your device is secure and above all safe. Take TV’s as an example, an unsecured screen can be a big problem in a home with young children or pets. Large screens can fall over and I’m sure anyone with children knows they love to climb, even on things they know they shouldn’t.

On top of the safety issues why would you invest so much money in a new TV and then risk damaging it by not using a trained installer. Even our most expensive instillation package is £265 for a 60” TV with concealed cabling, far cheaper than the cost of a new TV and worth it just for the piece of mind.

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