What is Multi Room Audio?

‘And she shall have music wherever she goes.’ – Multi Room Audio

You can too now. In fact it’s easier than ever to fill your home with sweet sweet music. With sweet sweet spoken word. With the sweet sweet sound of anything you like.

multi room audio

Feature-packed, voice-controlled multi room music systems that use discrete, high quality and above all, affordable wireless speakers are all the rage.

The multi-room audio fantasy that has in no time at all become an accessible reality for pretty much everyone.


How does Multi Room Audio work?

Now, instead of running wires and cables or having to configure complicated control systems you can magically control audio around your home using the simplest of simple apps or even your own voice. You know the score. Alexa! Play Iggy Pop!

You’ll hear Iggy in two possible ways – either through the system’s own mesh network or through your your wi-fi.

Sonos LG and Tibo for example form their own mesh network, their own internal network which means that if your wifi fails at least your music won’t.

Other multi room audio systems are not only reliant on your home wi-fi network they will of course impact on your network bandwidth.

Whether you want a new music system or to upgrade your existing set-up, multi-room wireless speakers or devices (controlled using an app) now communicate with each other to create different rooms of different music or a single shared experience.

Select from your networked collection/computer or stream the streamers – Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and the rest.

Whilst simpler, entry level wireless solutions are now available to all it’s probably a smart idea to get some specialist installer input at the outset – whether you’re just looking for a little guidance or after a top of the range, zero stress system.

What is the quality of Multi Room Audio?

It’s not just affordability that has improved over recent years. The quality of Multi Room Audio is now consistently impressive across the board. Of course as with everything, to a large extent you get what you pay for so checking out the options with a demo session is always a smart move.

But don’t just use a demo as a chance to test drive audio kit. Use it as an opportunity to gauge the kind of installation, home automation installation and support that best suits. The kind of guidance you want from a smart home automation supplier.

Is Multi Room Audio right for me?

Are you one of those people with a radio in every room? Many of them on at the same time? Do you end up turning the sound system up to 11 so you can hear it down the hall? Do you find yourself squabbling with loved ones about who listens to what, when, where? Thinking about upgrading or replacing your existing sound system?


Then yes. Multi Room Audio is exactly what you need.

Simply a question of which Multi Room Audio system is the right one for you and your home.

Find out.

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