What is Smart Home Cinema?

You’re doubtless familiar with the term ‘Smart Home Cinema’. No home should be without a cinema they’ll tell you… and no home cinema should be anything but smart.

Smart Home Cinema

But what exactly is a Smart Home Cinema? What sort of kit do you need? Should you buy separately or all together? And should you even bother investing in a Smart Home Cinema in the first place?

Well… to answer the last question first.


Imagine the power of a giant sized, high definition audio visual experience in your own home. The immersive colours and clarity of the big screen. The rolling thunder and realer than real surroundsoundtrack.

Now… to answer the first question last… smart home cinema delivers the biggest and best nights in that you and your family ever had. Movies. Gaming. Sport. You name it.

How does Smart Home Cinema work?

In short – however you want it to work.

Take a full-sized projection screen with a Hi-Def projector or a supersized 4K TV, a DVD or a Blu-ray player. Add amplification, add speaker systems, subwoofers, soundbars, Dolby sound. Make the whole thing wireless and controllable from your smart phone.

Such are the options that it always make sense to get out there and do your research. Even better talk with a Smart Home Cinema expert and even better than that grab yourself a demo. See and hear the options for yourself. Not just so you can experience Smart Home Cinema first hand to find a system that works for your budget, but to find a system that’s right for your home too – to get the right installation advice.

As well as giving you options on how to best to fit your dream system talking with a smart supplier will highlight the unknown unknowns – the add ons that might deliver an even more thrilling AV experience.

How good is Smart Home Cinema Audio?

In a word – awesome.

Particularly awesome in comparison to your TV which, chances are, won’t be able to deliver anything like the sound quality you want.

That’s why at a minimum you should consider attaching a sound bar. Just a simple compact sound bar can massively improve your TV listening experience. Depending on your budget and the shape and size of your room a surround sound system can take it up a level again with an immersive cinema experience.

Again when it comes to the right specification of amplifier, receiver or speaker package it’s always ideal to be able to test drive the kit in question – to weigh up options and to discuss the specific of your cinema set up.

Is Smart Home Cinema right for me?

Do you love films? Do you love sport? Or gaming? Do you love to entertain your friends and your family?


The there’s guaranteed to be a smart home cinema package that’s right for you. Whatever your layout at home, whether you have a dedicated home cinema room or not and whatever your budget.

We all know how amazing a great cinema experience can be. How immersive. How thrilling. How fun. We’ve all been there.

Bring it home, with a your own smart home cinema.

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