Pets & Tech : Protect them from each other

Cats knock things over and dogs jump on stuff . In fact all pets will in some way try and break your things, and although it’s hilarious when you watch it on youtube, it can be less funny when they take out your new 50″ TV (and even less funny if that TV takes them out in the process). So what are the things you can do to make your home safe for (and from) your pets ?

Pets & Wall Mounting

By far the simplest way to solve all “pet tech” problems, is to wall mount EVERYTHING! We can secure almost any TV, we can put speakers on brackets and we’ve even put the odd AV cabinet on a wall. When done professionally it can be the best way to secure your home for pets and children, preventing serious injury and damage. It also stops you knocking tech over, spilling coffee on your speakers and all manner of every day accidents. For information on our wall mounting services click here.

Pets & AV Cabinets

I know this one sounds simple, but AV cabinets are good for a number of reasons. Firstly they are build specifically for tech, meaning they usually have a wire hole in the back. This means you can organise your wiring so that mittens doesn’t start chewing on the HTMI cable or treating the power cord as yarn. Secondly a lot of cabinets are “enclosed” meaning they have doors and sides that stop pets using the shelves as a climbing frame. Many even have flat handles and magnets rather than the traditional drawers, this makes them far harder to open for pets who lack opposable thumbs. For information on our AV cabinets click here.

Pets & Concealed Cabling

Animals like to chew things, they like to play with string, wires and well….. everything really. The best way to get rid of the temptation is to hide the cables. This can range from a simple cable tidy to something as secure as concealed cabling. This is where we thread cables into the walls so that a mounted TV doesn’t have any visible cables. This is perfect for those of you who have had a real problem keeping their pets out of their wires, or anyone who just hates the cluttered look of wiring. Pets

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