Pokemon Go and the future of tech

I’m sure if you have been online in the last week you will have noticed that pokemon go has launched with spectacular success. The augmented reality app has moved pokemon into the real world, using land marks as poke stops and getting people of all ages out and about to experience their local area. But I’m sure you all know that, so I want to talk about something a little different. What does pokemon go mean for the future of tech? Augmented reality has been a part of advertising, books and apps for some time now, but as with a lot of innovation many of their attempts have often felt like gimmicks, things to show case the tech rather than enrich the experience. Don’t get me wrong there have been some amazing things like googles translator app emerging, but many of the other attempts have been clunky, and adverts that need you to download an app just to see it fall flat when the novelty is gone. Pokemon go has shattered all that, bringing Augmented reality into the mainstream in a big way, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the future and I think we will see a lot more progress in this area in the next few years.

What’s comes after pokemon go ?

We might just see an increase in this kind of app and advertising, with bill boards that can “come to life” through your phone and street signs that can tell you the history of your area, but I think that was coming anyway and to an extent we already have a lot of that. What I am far more excited about is the idea that we could start seeing this software work itself into main stream tech. Imagine TV’s that can team up with your phone to create 3D images of what’s on screen, speakers that can sync with your tablet so that when ever music plays you can watch the artist preform. With the success of pokemon go these things don’t seem a as far away as they used to, and now that there is a proven track record maybe companies will be a little less reluctant to to combine their tech with this software. Why can’t your phone camera be an augmented reality ap? Pokemon go

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