Smart Lighting and other Bright Ideas

Smart lighting has some real benefits, many of which you can feel in your day to day life. They range from something as simple as not having to walk down the stairs in the dark, to something as show stopping as a romantic dinner where you can dim the lights from the table.

With the right system you can have your lights come on at the same time every day, you can check which lights are on and you can switch the front room lights on when you are half way round the world (just so no one knows you’re not in). But smart lighting doesn’t need to come with a high price tag and while many systems do need you to fit new wiring many “retrofit” systems can be installed with very few changes to the rest of your home. They are much easier to fit than large home automation systems and they let you control your lighting without having to put large holes in your walls. Smart Lighting

Retrofit Smart Lighting

A prime example of retrofit smart lighting is the “Rako smart lighting system”. It gives you a lot of options that can easily work with your existing wiring, letting you can control your lights from a tablet or phone without having to do any major work to the house. You can adjust your lights with sliders or you can create your own settings that can be saved for the future, these settings can be connected to switches and mounted on the wall just like your normal light switch. They even come with the option of battery power, so you don’t even have to have them connected to the mains, which is another reason they can save you time and money. You can dim all the smart lighting in the TV room just like a home cinema, or you can have a setting that puts every light on full (for those times where you just need to see where you dropped your keys). It’s smart lighting done the smart way, and it works around your life style helping you build a brighter home. Take a look at Rako’s own video to see just how much more your lighting could be doing for you.

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