Multi Room Audio : How does that sound?

Multi room audio allows you to play pop in the kitchen while your other half rocks out in the living room. It lets you mute a full room or even your entire house with the touch of a button (great for when the phone goes off in the middle of the chorus). It lets you stream music or connect your own, turning your house into a “real” music space that you can control via tablet or mobile, great for having guests or even for a full party.

But the big question is what kind of multi room audio is right for you?

Multi room audio for the beginners:

What most people don’t realise is that you don’t have to buy a house full of music tech all in one go. With systems like “Sonos” you can start with one piece and slowly add others as and when you need them. If you just want to start with your front room all you need is a pair of “play one” speakers and that’s it. If after that you want to move into a second room get hold of a “Sonos connect amp” and a few more speakers and you are already working with multi room audio. If you want to take a closer look at our full Sonos range then visit our store or call us on : 0161 881 6274

Multi room audio built in speakers:

If you want something a little more “fixed” than we offer in ceiling speakers and we can wall mount almost all our products. This means that you could have a home cinema or music room, while still being able to control the sound using the your multi room audio. The in ceiling speakers offer a few things Sonos doesn’t, for a start they are water proof making them great for bathrooms or kitchens, where there is going to be a large amount of moisture in the air. These speakers can still work with the “connect amp” and can be fitted and set up by one of our in house team. Call us on : 0161 881 6274 and we can come to your home and give you a free quote. You can also visit our store and we can show you just what our speakers can do.

Multi room audio for those who only want the best:

If you are a real tech lover and you want something truly future proof then “system line 7.0” might be right up your street. This is more than just multi room audio, this a full home automation. You can connect every room in your house and every smart device in your home. This means that you can control your heating, TV, lighting and even a pool all from the same app you use to control your music. For more on system line 7.0 and our other products visit us in store, or call us on : 0161 881 6274 and we can come to your home and give you a free quote. You can also learn more about system line via their website:   Multi room audio speaker

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