How to Harmonise Your Home with Multi Room Audio

Multi room audio is changing how we listen to music. At the same time, music itself has timeless qualities, and is an essential part of our lives in the same way as it has pretty much always been.

The multi room audio experience reconciles the changes in how we listen with our need to listen, harmonising the soundtrack of the modern home.

Why Music is Good for You

Music has a positive effect on wellbeing. The University of Missouri has conducted research, which demonstrates that music can aid the process when we strive to become happier.

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Similarly, synchronising our music participation, such as making music together, or listening to it communally, helps us get on better with others, while also contributing to individual wellbeing.

However, music is also a very personal experience, where someone can make a direct connection with it, so that it becomes very much a part of who they see themselves as being.

Multi room audio is an advanced, technological solution that encompasses all these aspects.

It means you can easily listen to music in any room in your house, but also connect to it with different devices, so, essentially, anyone can play the music they want to listen to in whatever part of the house they are in.

Revolutionising the Listening Experience

Multi room audio can alter how you listen to music, both in terms of quality and convenience.

There are different multi room audio systems available, as with other forms of music playback, so the degree of audio fidelity very much depends on the system you choose.

What is truly revolutionary about this listening experience though is how it is set up to become part of the fabric of your home.

Multi room audio works by wirelessly connecting your audio output, so that you can access it via an app on any number of devices.

You can also control multi room speakers in different ways, whether you want the same music played in several rooms at once, or each room to have its own soundtrack.

Voice Control Capability

At one time, your shared musical experience would involve lounging around the hi-fi and putting your favourite album on the turntable, or in the CD player.

Things are a little different now. With voice control capability you can simply tell your audio system what you want to listen to.

Furthermore, the voice control built into your home audio system can also double up as an on-call home assistant.

Lifestyle Technology

The multi room audio experience helps integrate your home technology with other aspects of home entertainment, such as your television and various devices.

It means you can extend the reach of your audio to all areas of your home.

In this sense, the technology has a broad reach, helping to fully integrate high quality audio into your everyday life, while also allowing for personalisation and listening tailored to individual tastes.
You can have the soundtrack you crave for whatever you’re doing, at any time of day, in any or all areas of your home.

Experience an Audio Transformation

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