Guide to Speakers Kino AV

With such a wide range of speakers on the market it can be overwhelming to decide which is right for you. So here is a quick guide to speakers from Kino, to help you find your perfect sound.

Beginners guide

Sonos is a name you will hear any time you talk about quality sound, and time and time again I recommend this high end brand to those just starting out. Not because of it’s amazing quality, it’s reasonable price point or even how compatible the range is with other ranges. I recommend it because Sonos grows with you. “Play one” is our entry level sonos speaker. After that we have the play three and play five. Crucially these speakers don’t replace each other, they work together so you can grow your collection rather than changing it every few years. The great thing about Sonos is that if you buy a piece now, three or four years down the line it will still work with any other sonos product. They are designed to last and the are designed to work around your needs and your space. Our other entry level range are the Q-Acoustic Speakers. Sonos is great for those who love a clear and crisp sound, but for those who love a richer earthy sound the Q-Acoustic range is the way to go. I like to think of it as Vinyl vs CD, everyone has a preference and different kinds of music work better on each one. The price is also a big factor with Q-Acoustic. A pair of 2010i speakers costs a mere £99.95, while a pair or play ones will set you back £300, this is still very cheap for Sonos but there is a clear price jump that can’t be ignored. They are beautiful speakers that come in a wood or white plastic finish and are great for those who want quality sound but don’t have an unlimited budget.

Advanced guide

Again I will recommend Sonos, but I might look at the connect amp and our multi-room audio depending on the size of your project. The connect amp allows you an amazing amount of control and offers a stunning amount of versatility, you can define rooms and spaces, stream music from anywhere in the home and even mute every room at the touch of a button. But for those who really want integrated sound our in-ceiling speakers are incredible.  We can fit bathroom and kitchen speakers that are designed to take a bashing with their waterproof coating, or we can design your home to be a truly surround sound experience with over head music. This combine with things like the E50 or the E100 wall panels gives you the option to turn your sound system into a small part of a completely automated home! Call us or pop in store, and we can guide you through ever step of home automation. Multi room audio speaker guide

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