Kino AV Top Ten Most Interesting Jobs

Over the last year Kino AV has done lots of different kinds of work. These have ranged from our every day “bread and butter” AV installs, to some very bespoke jobs (like a custom shop front). Since we have been open for just over a year now, we thought that now would be a good time to show off just what we can do. So in this article we will be talking about the most memorable jobs from the last year! Introducing our ” Top Ten ” count down for our most interesting jobs of 2016!

Top Ten Kino AV Jobs from the Last Year:

Number 10: The 70″ TV

Ok I know this isn’t exactly “strange”, but it’s not every day you’re asked to wall mount a screen the height of a human being! This show stopping piece of tech was used to make the perfect games room, with pool table, darts and all the other essentials of a good man cave. It’s a really amazing bit of kit, and for anyone interested our biggest in store TV is 58″, any large than that and we have to order it in just for you! 70 inch TV top ten

Number 9: Outdoor speakers

An bit of a curve ball for number nine of our top ten . Every year we only get about 2 days of summer (if we are lucky) yet for those two glorious days we can sit out in the sun and enjoy our outdoor speakers; turning our garden in to our very own party room. This isn’t something we get asked about that often, but with the sunny spells we have been having, it’s certainly become more popular. The great thing about out outdoor speakers, is that they are water proof and are designed to take a battering, so even in British weather you can sit outdoors and enjoy your music, safe in the knowledge that you won’t break your expensive sound system if it suddenly starts to pour it down!

Number 8: Projector screens

This year we have had a real surge in the amount of projector jobs we handle. It’s just not a thing a lot of places do and we are starting to get a pretty good reputation for doing a good job (if I do say so my self). We have even installed a few motorised screens that I absolutely love. They are great for putting in high or hard to reach places, perfect for schools and bars (and pretty much anywhere that clumsy hands around tech could be an issue) Projector screen top ten

Number 7: Wall Mounted and hidden Speakers

Surprisingly most of our “bread and butter” jobs at Kino are AV related, we install more than a few speakers each year for all manner of places. But that isn’t want makes a sound system job interesting. What makes them interesting are the places people want them putting! Hidden in furniture, mounted shelves, build into the brick work! It’s only a matter of time until someone asks for floor speakers, maybe we will have by the time we do next years top ten.

Number 6: Casa Ceramics

This is a very specific job and one of our largest AV installs that I can remember. They asked for 14 in-ceiling speakers, 4 sonos connects and 4 room audio, leading to one of the best sound spaces I have seen (or rather heard). 14 cieling speakers 4 sonos top ten

Number 5: Cafe System

A little while back we were asked to install an ordering system for a local cafe. This came with screens suspended from the ceiling as well a few other pieces that made the job quite unusual. It’s one that stuck in my mind and it shows off just how versatile our guys are. Cafe order screen top ten

Number 4: CCTV

CCTV isn’t unusual and we get a lot of call for it here, yet the reasons people get it never cease to surprise me. My personal favourite has to be cat owners, they can say that it’s for “security” as much as they want, but when they realise they can watch what their cats do when their out of the house then you just see their eyes light up! Maybe we will have some cat pictures for the next top ten.

Number 3: Fibre Optic cabling

I bet you didn’t know we did this did you! But in all seriousness laying fibre optic cables is usually only something we get asked to do by businesses, so it’s not something we tend to advertise so much to the general public. Yet it is still one of our more unusual jobs as it requires a lot of care and patience to do it right. I know some of our guys have spend a lot of time polishing connectors!

Number 2: Shower speakers

Some of our in ceiling speakers are water proof, some people like to sing in the shower. Put these two things together and we have some very interesting places to install tech! From a single speaker in a cubicle, to a full sound experience in your bathroom, we know that shower speakers are always going to be interesting.

Number 1: Shop Fronts

Last but certainly not least is our work on shop fronts! With so many places turning away from paper posters and instead having digital screens, it was only a matter of time until we were installing one. What I loved about this job was the amount of prep, framing and thought that had to go into it. These are things that will be on almost all the time, yet in a store you can’t exactly leave wires hanging about. It had to be secure but accessible, boxed in yet easy to remove, fixed but portable if they moved store. All in all the kind of work that really sticks in your mind. Digital screen install top ten

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