Size: Do Inches Matter?

In a world obsessed with inches, how do you know when size is an issue? When is big too big? I am of course talking about flat screen TV’s. Over the last few years we have seen TV’s as large as 90″ hit the market! At the same time we have seen a steady decline in 32″ and a push towards higher and higher quality screens. Most screen sizes have an “optimal viewing distance” and the full benefit of higher resolutions is only visible below a certain distance. For example 4K is only noticeably better than 1080p when viewed from 10 ft or less away, which if you have a monster 90″ might feel to close for you. For more information on viewing distances vs resolution and size, click here:

Size at KinoAV

At Kino we no longer even stock anything below 40″though we do order smaller TV’s in when a customer asks. The simple fact the reasons we have a TV have changed, you no longer have a 24″ in the spare bedroom, because your laptop or tablet has replaced that. On top of this your old family TV is probably a flat screen, meaning that it can fit in a smaller space or be mounted on a wall in a smaller room (like a spare bed room). With no reason to get rid of older larger TV’s fewer people are buying replacements for anything but the family TV, traditionally the biggest TV in the house. The thing is (and I know this sounds obvious) buy the TV that fits the space you have. Just because a TV is huge does not make it better, if you are going to have to crane your head to view it all every time you watch the football, I have news for you…. you have bought the wrong size TV. Equally few people are going to be happy with a laptop size TV in their front room, so you can ignore 24″ TV’s for all but the smallest of spaces. The industry reflects the customer, and if our suppliers are making fewer smaller TV’s, then it must be down to people buying big TV’s instead. More people at Kino buy 40″ TV’s than any other size, yet when they walk in everyone wants to see the 68″. Maybe that’s proof that we are all size queens at heart. Tape size  

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