Home Automation Make your home work for you

 A lot of people and products talk about being “automated” and the term home automation is thrown around for everything from toasters to fridge freezers. But what does this really mean for your day to day life?

Home automation is about giving you control of your home no matter where you are. It’s about being able to switch off the upstairs lights when you’re sat in the living room, it’s about being able to turn up your heating from the car, it’s about connecting your life to your home and making your technology work for you (rather than the other way round). At the same time it lets you plan a routine, you can take a back seat by switching everything on at the same time each day, or you can have all your speakers connected together, so that one touch mutes an entire room. You can be as involved or as removed from your tech as you want to be and this opens up a whole new world for those of us with less digital know how. elan home automation cinema

Home automation using your tablet or phone

Something like “Elan g” allows even a novice to control every aspect of their home from their mobile device. Once set up you can easily adjust just about any smart product, turning your phone into your remote control, dimmer switch and even your alarm controls. But the real beauty of a tablet based “hub” system like this is that you can add new devices over time, it’s flexible and grows with your needs. I’ve already mentioned TV’s and sound systems, but did you know you could connect your CCTV as well? How about your intercom or doorbell? Or if you are one of the lucky few to own a pool then guess what, you can even control that from the app. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBXXA3OEnVI

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